Larch Loft

Behind a charred larch exterior, this loft conversion has created an ensuite bedroom filled with natural light to make the most out of a small Victorian loft space.

We worked closely with our clients to maximise the feeling of space in this loft bedroom. A stunning picture window frames views over the garden and a large rooflight brings natural light to the staircase. The ensuite was designed creatively to fit within the slope of the existing roof, with a series of opening rooflights to increase the height of the space and bathe the room with natural light.

The interiors are light in colour to brighten the space and finished with a natural herringbone wool carpet, mid-century timber furniture and houseplants. Working collaboratively with the carpenter on site during construction, we designed a built-in wardrobe, cupboards and a stair balustrade as part of the project.

Location  Reigate, Surrey
Client  Private
Total value £40,000 - £50,000
Status Completed
Photography Will Scott